Global Phone Card allows you to make international calls back to your country or to any other country by providing you access to our network throughout over 50 different countries/cities which consist of Toll Free and local numbers with free access numbers . To place international phone calls: * Dial the access number corresponding to the country you are calling from * Enter your 10 Digit PIN number * dial your destination number You can move and make calls with the same pin number in all the countries you will find in our toll free(ITFS) number list and all the local City/Country list. HAVE A GOOD TIME

Business owners or travelers who have to travel internationally frequently faces many hassles
when they have to constantly change the sim of their mobile phones to remain connected. But
today, travelers can easily find an international sim cards when going abroad and this eliminates
the hassles of switching from one sim to another. Global sim cards work by picking signals from
a local service provider of the destination country. The advantages of this sim card are enormous
and stretch beyond reducing the phone bills. It makes travelling convenient and easy without
getting excommunicated while you are on a trip abroad.

Now save money with an international sim card

Being able to take your mobile with an international sim card serves the function of remaining
connected with everyone back at home and at office. IAS offers its customers the facility to buy
international sim cards that enables them to make international calls to any country by providing
the access to their network that runs over 50 different countries consisting of toll free and local
numbers with free access. This enables the travelers to carry only one sim card that is valid
globally and people can call you and you will not have to pay to receive calls. The outgoing calls
also cost 70% less than what you have to spend, while using your home mobile phone. Our wide
range of global sim cards are offered at post paid as well as prepaid coverage.

Gobal sim cards: A must for all international travelers

At IAS, we believe that customer satisfaction is the prime goal that has to be achieved and
for this we offer excellent customer support to all our existing customers. You can easily get
international sim cards in hand and experience the desirable services at your doorstep. We
believe in maintaining the transparency and there are no hidden costs or extra minute charges
included in our plans.

So, be a part of us and enjoy the best service while on an international trip.