With technology developing day by day, long distance is no more a factor for a successful
business. With new inventions, business officials don’t have to make numerous visits to foreign
lands to conduct business. What they can do now is hold international conference calls from
anywhere and get in touch with clients and business partners easily. Conference calls enable
you to talk to one person at a time and for this you have to avail an operator’s assistance who
can help you with the call. You can call from a car or a plane and this in fact is becoming the
cheapest way to conduct meetings. With conference calls you can talk to more than one party at a

Avail customized conference solutions for your growing business

International conference calls require proper equipment to be installed and you can not only talk
to people internationally located but also see each other as well. The computer will help you
with slide presentations, charts and graphs and today it has become a convenient means to hold
a corporate or business meeting with very little expense involved. International conference calls
are definitely more complex than a national conference call but it is the mechanism behind it
that has made it very simple. International conference calls help you with the luxury of keeping
a close touch with your vendors and build international business. You can learn about the latest
products and various means of promoting them thorough different marketing ideas.

We help you to keep in touch with international clients

IAS offers to its customer’s reliable international conference call services that are backed by
the best conferencing infrastructure where participants can easily join irrespective of their
location. Our conference calls are designed to meet the requirements of any conference and
our conferencing solutions can be easily scaled from smaller meetings to complex calls with
thousands of participants.

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