IAS Direct Dial allows customers in selected countries to place international calls through a local or toll free number. Through this service, IAS customers can take full advantage of low, US-based calling rates.

The Direct Dial service by IAS is currently available from over 50 countries with more countries becoming available soon.

For a complete list of Direct Dial countries and rates, please visit the Rates page under long distance.


How to Order Direct Dial Service

To start saving on your international calls through IAS Direct Dial, please download and complete the Direct Dial Order Form* and fax it to us along with the following...

  • Your signature must appear at the bottom of the order form.

* To view and print the Direct Dial Order Form, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Acrobat free of charge by visiting www.adobe.com.

It is now easy to make international calls at very cheap rates through a direct dialing method. It is
considered to be the most effective and convenient means of getting connected especially if you
don’t have a ready access to a computer. Direct dialing, to friends, family or business associates
anywhere in the world involves calling a specific access number that is local to you through an
intermediary. Once the number is dialed, it engages an open channel to your destination call and
you can simply dial the country’s code and the destination phone number to get connected. This
can be done through your land line or even your mobile phone number.

Cheap long distance phone service at incredible rates

With prepaid direct dialing, you have to register the phone numbers that you call regularly
so that whatever number you use, you can easily access the direct dialing call routing system
through the intermediary company offering you the service. All you have to do is to register the
most often used telephones. The process to switch to new phone numbers is also easy. You must
upload the special application and this will enable you get a better access for your long distance,
international calls.

Avail instant one step connection to your party

Prepaid direct dialing is the simplest means of calling any international phone especially from
your mobile and IAS allows prepaid direct dial service to customers over 50 countries to place
international calls through their toll free number. Instead of dialing an access number and then an
international number, you can simply dial the toll free number for each party and we will connect
you instantly without any additional dialing. For each phone number that you require to call, we
will give you a unique direct speed dial number that will connect you to your party easily. Our
prepaid direct dial services are offered at low rates with crystal clear connections and world class

So, download and complete the direct dial order form and fax it to us with your signature at the
bottom and we will get back to you soon!