Long Distance Services

Looking for inexpensive long distance rates? How about hassle-free calling? Look no further.

We offer the lowest rates to countries worldwide. And, unlike the major telephone companies, there's no need to sign any contracts. Talk for as long as you want, for cheap. What more could you ask for?

How does it work?
Forget about complicated pin numbers & passwords. Simply dial one easy access number from your home, office, or mobile phone - then the number you want to call.

Print, then fill out the Order Form and send it to us. Once you have received confirmation from us that your information has been processed, you're ready to enjoy the most affordable, worry-free way to dial.

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Reseller Options

  • Multi-Level Resellers

    Ucall Long Distance service allows you to resell the service under your own name, & make a profit from each of your resold customers.

    Here are some diagrams (in PDF format) depicting how our Reseller plan works:

    Monthly Sales Model Chart
    Monthly Sales Model Chart Example1
    Monthly Sales Model Chart Second Agent

    International Calling Card

  • Commission-Based Resellers

    Commission based reselling is based upon the number of customers, as opposed the accumulcation of your own agents.

    The commission-based structure is listed below:

Commission LevelLevel Amounts% Sales Commission
Level 1$0 -> $50010%
Level 2$501 -> $100011%
Level 3$1001 -> $200012%
Level 4$2001 -> $300013%
Level 5$3001 -> $400014%
Level 6$4001 & up15%

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