International Calling CardThe Web Trigger system is the latest development in long distance calling, and is more cost effective than having an 800 number.

A potential customer visiting your website, simply clicks on the banner to initiate a phone call. You are connected to the line before the customer, so it eliminates the risk of losing a phone call because of hold time.
The customer inputs their phone number and hits enter, your phone will ring and you will be put on hold until the call is connected.


The customer will then be connected and the call proceeds as a normal telephone conversation. When the call is completed, both parties disconnect as usual. International customers cannot access toll free numbers, which are commonly used by companies in the United States as a means of keeping in touch with their customers.

International Calling CardMost of these companies rely on an email system as a means of communicating with international customers. This is a time consuming practice that requires the customer to have an active email account, and for the company to regularly check it's email.

Ucall allows both parties to speak directly without operator interference, and international customers are easily connected without the regular expense of long distance connection times.
The Call Snap system is a necessary asset for any company trying to broaden its customer base. Trigger
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