My International Phone Number

Dear Valued customer,

At, you can have your own local number in the US or in any country you choose from the following Country/City list. Our "My International Phone Number" allows you to have a local US or International number forwarded to any phone in any country. Its perfect for calling your friends and relatives and, of course, for business use.

Here's an example of how My International Phone Number works:

I live in the US and my sister lives in Paris, France.
I order a Paris, France number from Ucall and Ucall to forward the calls I receive on my Paris, France phone number directly to my cell phone in the US.

Now my sister can call me any time she wants by dialing a local number in Paris, and she pays local phone rates. As for me, I always receive her calls directly on my cell phone in the US. I didn't forget to tell her not to call me in the morning because of the time difference, but she is so excited about calling me with Ucall and paying local phone rates to call me in the US that she sometimes wakes me up at night!

No matter where you live, you, the customer, can forward the calls from any international country in our list to any country you live in. Just do not forget to tell your friends and relatives: PLEASE DO NOT WAKE ME UP!

Satisfied Customers Explain How Ucall Works:

My sister asked for a Paris, France number. She pays a monthly fee for this number, which in her case is $6.00, plus a US to US per minute rate which is a super-low $0.025/min. Each time she calls me in the US it costs her just 2.5 cents a minute from France!

I also got a Ucall number in the US that dials directly to my sister's phone in Paris, France. I pay just $5.00 a month and 3.5 cents a minute when I call her!

Business customers

You will be able to get calls from your customers in different countries and cities (they can have more than one number forwarded to your phone).

In the future, your business customers will be able to use IAS Global SIM card service, which will allow them to receive calls in any country/city for a local charge to any country available on the IAS Country Global Sim Card list.

Please note that a 15% tax will be added to all listed rates

International call forwarding is a latest telecommunication technique that enables you to easily
reach your potential customers located all around the world. This feature enables you to serve
your customers both locally and internationally without having to face any hassles and extra
expense in setting up a physical location. Global call forwarding services assist the business
owners to create an international toll free number that is local to the callers within that country
that you are targeting. So, callers can dial the toll free number but the phone will ring at your
place. Call forwarding can be considered to be a virtual number that can be programmed to ring
the phone of your choice be it a landline number or a mobile number.

Capture the international market with call forwarding option

IAS is a leading international call forwarding service provider that caters to various industrial
sectors and business owners. Call forwarding doesn’t require any extra equipment to buy, setup
fees to be paid. The company allows the users to acquire any international telephone number and
forward it to the phone connection as specified by the user. This saves a lot of money to be spent
on international calls and with this facility you can talk abroad without any limit.

Call forwarding: An important business tool

Finding global call forwarding services was never so easy but IAS has brought different schemes
and packages and based on your requirements you can select the best option that suits you. By
establishing a local number, your callers will see that your business has a local presence in the
state and they will become more inclined to availing your services or products. Callers in the
same zone will not require paying long distance charges to reach you and this will increase the
sales in your business and you can easily capture the market that was never touched before.

So if you have any such requirements then visit us and get the best call forwarding service the
affordable way