Web Based Call Me Feature

Visiting a site and have a question about it? Just click on the “call me” button and get instant voice connection to customer service while navigating the site. No need to type your request or leave the site, just talk to a live operator instantly.

Anywhere in the world, you can get instant telephone access to the site’s customer service.


On the bottom of the home page beside the “call me” button, input the telephone number you want to be called back on, including any extension. International customers should also input their country code and city code, and then their number.

Click on the “call me” button and a customer service representative from that website business will immediately call you back. You will hear a short message advising of immediate connection to customer service.


“I was visiting a site that sells vitamins. I had a question about one brand of vitamins on sale on the website. I used the “call me” feature by typing in my phone number at the bottom of the screen and clicking on “call me,” and I got to customer service right away. It saved me the time of writing an email and waiting for an answer, or of having to find the company’s number and waiting on the line for a customer service representative. And, thanks to the fast response time from this website, I didn’t even bother checking other competitors and bought all the vitamins I needed there!”
Sara, Boston,USA.

“I live in Brazil and wanted to invest in a property in Florida. I logged on to a real estate site and saw a property that I liked, but I had some questions. I saw the “call me” button on the site and was glad to speak with a realtor from the company right away. To make the story short, I bought the property. I am happy and, if you ask me, so is the realtor who made the sale.”
Flavio, Sao Pablo, Brazil.


By using the “call me” feature on your business website, you will receive calls from your customers from the countries and cities of your choice. 

Rates from US to any country on the list are the same as from any country to the US. Please input only one destination number (customer service phone number).

Please note that a 15% tax will be added to all listed rates